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What is the PMP® Pass Suite?

PMP® Pass Suite is an interactive learning experience with more than 35 hours of video training that enables you to prepare for the PMP® exam at the comfort of your home or workplace. We help you understand the nit-ties and grit-ties of the subject by getting into the core concepts of PMP®.

Why should you choose PMP® Pass Suite?

The PMP® Pass Suite consists of custom built learning modules to provide an in-depth insight into the Knowledge areas and Process groups associated with the subject. Following are the learning modules we provide to help understand the subject on a higher level.

Video Workshop – Provides a detailed insight into each process relative to its knowledge area

Mock Exam – A guided learning module that provides you an interactive experience in understanding the way PMP® questions are answered in real-time.

ITTOs – A unique series of learning module that helps you easily memorize all the Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs based on each knowledge area and its associated processes.

Exam Simulator – Access to 600+ PMP® questions with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to advanced levels along with an exam portal that helps your understand your strengths and weaknesses with regards to the subject.

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PMP® Pass Workshop Features
More than 50 hours of video training
Earn 35 contact hour certificate
Study with PC, tablet, and mobile phone
Aligned with the current PMBOK® Guide
Taught by PMI® Registered Education Provider
BONUS #1: PMP Pass® Mentor Program
BONUS #2: PMP® Pass Live Seminar Series
BONUS #3: Super PMP® Question Bank
BONUS #4: PMP® Accelerator Study Guide
BONUS #5: Video – PMP Test-Taking Seminar
BONUS #6: Video – The Day Before Your PMP® Exam
BONUS #7: Video – The Day of Your PMP® Exam
BONUS #8: Video – Stay Cool, Confident, and in Control During the PMP® Exam
BONUS #9: Video – Marketing Yourself After Earning the PMP®
BONUS #10: Video: Key Certifications that Complement the PMP®
BONUS #11: Subscription to the PMP Newsletter
PMP® Exam Simulator
Unlimited 90-day access
Access to 600 questions
Study with PC, tablet, and mobile phone
Option to take 50-question Mini-PMP®
Option to take 200-question Super PMP®
Simulates real-exam environment
Clear explanations for every question
Results page provides comprehensive summary
PMP® Mock Exam
Narrated PMP®-style questions narrated
Study with PC, tablet, and mobile phone
Many test-taking tips provided
Taught by Dr. Flores, who has passed 6 PMI® exams
ITTO Practice Set
Aligned with current PMBOK® Guide
Study with PC, tablet, and mobile phone
Interactive exercises that allow drag-and-drop
All 47 processes included
PMP® Prep Flashcards
Aligned with current PMBOK® Guide terminology
Study with PC, tablet, and mobile phone
Option to download file in PDF
PMP® Formula Cheat Sheet
Comprehensive list and explanation of all formulas needed for PMP® exam
Study with PC, tablet, and mobile phone
Clear explanations of how to remember formulas
Option to download file in PDF